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Here you will find the Web-copy of a little red booklet I got from the english side of my family.
But please remember that the addresses contained within are out of date.

Genealogy of the
of Yorkshire

Coat of arms

A Hugo de Suthclif is recorded in the 1274
records of Wakefield Abbey
An Elyzabeth Sutlyff is in the 1566 Pipe Roll
of Rothwell (Yorks)
The name means a dweller by the South Cliff
Motto:  Foy en Tout  (Faith in all)

Coat of Arms  Argent: an elephant passant sable.
These arms date back to the reign of Edward VI


Mr Sutcliffe's Shocking Death

Terrible Burns

    Major Taylor held an inquest at the Nag's Head Inn, George-street, Wakefield, this morning, on the body of John Clarkson Sutcliffe (42) coal merchant, who, as stated in last night's "Pink", succumbed yesterday afternoon to the injuries he received in a gas explosion at his house last Thursday night week.
    James McInnes, newspaper propietor, 22 Cheapside, Wakefield, said his wife was a sister of deceased's wife. On Thursday, the 24th ult., deceased went to his house and left about twenty minutes past ten o'clock at night, having been with him about an hour and twenty minutes. He was in good health and spirits. Witness received a message shortly after one o'clock (midnight), and immediately went to deceased's house in Graham's-terrace. He found him in bed, and attended by Dr. Clayton. Deceased's head, face, and hands were burnt. The door of the small back room was blown out and the window was smashed. The door frame was displaced. Some of the furniture in that room was singed, and there was a smell of recent fire. The glass panels in the door in the passage were blown out, the front room window was burst out, and the ceiling in that room was also damaged. The balustrades were wrenched off the stairs, and the window on the first landing was also blown out. Some of the panes in the upper window there were broken. Deceased was quite conscious. He told witness that when he arrived home he smelt a strong smell of gas in the back room and found a jet burning. He opened the window from the bottom, but could not open the top part. He went upstairs to see that the children were all right in bed, and then came down to see about the escape. First of all he got a jug of water to pour some into the gasalier. He got on the table for that purpose, and had a lighted taper in his left hand. The next thing he did was to pour some water into the gasalier, and he then ran the lighted taper up the gasalier. Then the gas exploded. Witness went on to say that he complained of nothing but the burns then. Witness had since visited him dayly up to yesterday forenoon.
    Joe Clayton, printer and stationer, 1 Graham's-terrace, said he was at home when he heard a terrific explosion. He ran and opened the back door of his house, and saw flames from the back room window at No 3. He ran towards it, and deceased opened his back door and said, "Oh! Mr Joe?". Witness followed him into the back room. He put out the flames which came from an easy chair. Mrs Sutcliffe was at the bottom of the stairs in her nightdress and bare feet.. Two policemen arrived directly and rendered great assistance. Deceased said "I am done; fetch Dr Clayton." Witness ran for the doctor. The gas was turned off instantely. Witness on his return helped deceased upstairs, and held a candle while the doctor attended to his injuries. Witness did not see deceased any more alive.
    Mr McInnes mentioned that the family were extremly obliged to Mr Joe Clayton and his wife for their extreme kindness.
    Edith Ingram, 2 Wentsworth-terrace, a trained nurse, said she went to nurse the deceased last Thursday night. He was attended first by Dr Clayton and afterwards by Dr Myall, of Leeds. The treatment as advised by the medical gentleman was practically the same. She stayed all night on Tuesday with the deceased, and when called again yesterday afternoon, but when she got there he was dead.
    The jury were unanimous in returning a verdict of "Accidentally Burnt."
    Deceased, who was a son of the late Mr Henry Clarkson Sutcliffe, of Ryhill, leaves a widow and three daughters and four sons, ranging in age from 7 to 18, for whom much sympathy is felt.

Now follows a very incomplete list of the four generations following from

1st Generation
             Elsie. Harry (Henry Clarkson).
             William Clapham. Joe. Mable.
             Madge. Monty (Beaumont Taylor).

2nd Generation
  (a)        Harry married Eliza:
               John. Eileen.
  (b)        William Clapham married Mary Ellen Norman:
               Sheila Mary.  William Norman.
               Frederick Norman.  John Clapham.
  (c)        Joe married Ethel:
               Nancy.  Joan.
  (d)        Madge married Cecil Walker:
               Joyce.  Mavis.  Peter.  Pat.
  (e)        Monty married Abley:
               Margaret.  Jean.

3rd Generation
  (a)    i   John married
         ii  Eileen married Alex Oxley:
  (b)    i   Sheila Mary married Fred Rippingale:
               John Clapham
        ii  William Norman married Phyllis May Hope:
               Elizabeth Mary.  Paul Anthony.
       iii  Frederick Norman married Dorothy Crathern:
               Ann.  Michael.  Peter. David.  Stephen.
           Deborah.  Jonathan.   (c)    i  Nancy married         ii  Joan married   (d)    i  Mavis married            Peter married   (e)    i  Margaret married         ii  Jean married 4th Generation   (a)    i          ii   (b)    i  John Clapham married Joan:             Lisa.  Thomas  Andrew.          ii Elizabeth Mary married Brian Davis:             Christopher.  Ian. Helen.             Paul Anthony married Jeanne Hickman:             Linder.  David         iii Ann married David Latus: Peter.  Paul.  John. Katherine.  Rebecca.             Michael married Elizabeth:
            Nicholas. Helen. Richard.
            David married Jerina Davis:
             Emma.  Lucy.  Sarah.
           Stephen married Victoria Brown:               Abigail.  Nicholas.

If anyone would like to add any of the missing names from these four generations I will willingly do the list out again and send a copy to anyone who would like to have one. Names and surnames would be helpful and as much other information as you care to send me. It can all be included in a re-type.

Norman Sutcliffe              
The Bungalow,                  
Hollis Hill,                        
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An updated list of descendants you can find here.

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